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Artist Statement

Devyn Powers


      Crocheting is the process of weaving memories, emotions, and meanings in a mathematical pattern.  At first, crocheting was a hobby that I enjoyed doing while listening to T.V., but then I started to incorporate my emotions, divinity nurturing nature, and poppy flowers transforming my hobby into art.  I straddle the line between art and crafts that often makes for an original final product. Pottery, jewelry, and other practical crafts have evolved into other categories such as art.  The motion of crocheting is therapeutic due to the repetition of stitches which focuses my mind to work together with my hands.  

     I selected yarn and crochet hooks because it reminds me of my mom.  Because my mom taught me how to sew, cross-stitch, weave, and knit, naturally crochet was another exciting avenue to explore.  Since my mom was new to crocheting different schemas for an Afghan blanket, she would ask me to help her stitch by stitch.  In this way, I expanded my repertoire of crochet stitches, became well-practiced, and empowered with knowledge.  In the beginning, I tried to make all sorts of things out of yarn such as a converse shoe, clothing, yarn bombing (a type of graffiti art that involves wrapping yarn on things), and portraits; in the end, I enjoy the process of all of them.  Perhaps, I can combine some of these ideas such as making clothes out of crochet portraits.  Although crochet is traditionally a craft, I want to push its boundaries to communicate my ideas and perspective of the world to viewers.

    My current work is crocheting portraits.  This is dramatically different from my previous art pieces because it explores more of the art side rather than the craft side.  Making portraits grew out of my drawing ability of faces and the way that faces can express meaning and content to the viewers. I try to abstract my faces and use rather graphic and expressive colors to reflect my emotions. I am trying to communicate to the viewer.  For example, I use an assortment of blues to elicit sadness to represent how depressing the world is.  I am exploring the boundaries of crafts in a more creative and artistic way rather than a practical way.  By properly expressing creative ideas and effectively communicating my emotions to the viewer, I am challenging myself.  I try to combine both my drawing and painting abilities into my crocheting which I find challenging. Every day I am pushing the limits of the art world by introducing these uncommon methods of crafting into my body of work. 

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